Can two kids alone be applied in one I-539 Application for h-4 extension?

I am applying for extension of my current H1-B and want to apply for extension of my kids H-4 along mine.

Earlier they were applied for H-4 along with my wife and got it approved. Now my wife has taken separate H1-B and she not a dependent on my H1-B anymore. So when I applying for my H1-B extension can I include both the kids on one I-539 form or do I have apply them separate each one on a separate I-539 Form. My attorney says " USCIS says dependent spouse and unmarried kids (below 21 yrs ) can be applied on one application but no where it is said kids alone can be on same application".


It is ok to just apply kids on single 539 without including the spouse. It is not necessary that spouse be included as a pre-req for including kids.