Can the H1B Sponsoring employer stop/cancel H1B (I-94) extension?

My current visa end date is 31 May 2016 and I-94 Extension has been filed by employer in November - December end last year. I got the receipt notice and receipt number along with the LCA extension on 22 Jan 2016. Since then there has not been any update on extension since USCIS takes four- six months to process the extension

But now my assignment has ended and thus my employer wants to revoke the extension so that I can work in offshore. Is it possible to revoke an extension once the receipt number is generated? Can employer revoke the extension or send request to USCIS to revoke the extension? If so, how soon it is shown in USCIS website?

It usually takes the same amount of time to revoke the application as it takes to approve it.

I don’t see what employer will gain by revoking the extension petition. They are not going to save on fees as USCIS will not refund anything.

Extension consists of 2 parts - 797 extension and I-94 extension. The latter will be abandoned as soon as you leave US. The former will still be processed and may get approved even after you leave US. The benefit of letting it process is that in case another opportunity arrives, you can use that 797 to travel to US and not file another extension petition.

What’s their rationale?