Can the dropbox location and document delivery location be different?

Hello, I scheduled my dropbox appointment in New Delhi but my document delivery location is the Hyderabad Consulate. Will there be any problem? Thanks for your response in advance.

No issues, this is totally fine.

Thank you. Can I actually drop the documents off at Hyderabad even though I booked the appointment in Delhi? I believe I read somewhere that it is possible.

Yes, this is all good.

Thank you for sharing the post!

Hi, I have another question. I booked my visa appointment but later realized that in the petitioner section on the CGIFederal visa appointment website, I gave the I94 expiration date of 10/10/2025 instead of I797’s 09/30/2025, I called TravelDocs support for assistance to rectify it, but they said that it’s my DS-160 that should have the accurate info and the petitioner section mistake can be informed to the consulate officer on the day I submit the documents. Would this be a problem later?

If the date is correct on DS-160, there is no need to worry.

Okay, there is nowhere in DS-160 that we give the H1b expiration date, so I was a little worried. I called support@traveldocs and they mentioned that it is DS160 that needs to be accurate and that I can let the visa officer know about this and they will take care.

Thanks for responding.


My dropbox for H1b is booked at Hyd. The document dropoff will be done in Bangalore. But the document pickup still says Hyd. Is there any way to change the document pickup location? The new website is not allowing me to change it. I tried reaching out to Customer care, they told me that there is some glitch at their end so they can’t change the location now and they’re working on this. It’s been more than 3 weeks since started telling this. The issue is still not resolved. Any relevant info would be helpful. Thanks in advance!