Can she travel to India after October 1st (H1b approved-but need to go to india to take care of the baby)

Hi All,

Myself Prashanth and my wife got her H1b in 2014 quota.We have a one year old baby and my question is,can my wife travel to india now to leave the baby at her parent’s home.

We asked same question to the employer,he said if she goes to india she needs to attened visa interview and for that she needs to have paystubs and client letter out of which i don’t believe that she needs to have paystubs when she not at all utilise her H1b.

So,Follwoing are the Questiosn that i want to ask,

1.If she travels to india now what happens to her H1B?

2.If she wants to transfer her H1B,does she require to produce paystubs(She got her I797) and what are all the documents required to attened H1b visa interview?

Thanks in advance.


If any one travel out of US with Approved H1B petition, he/she need to re-renter US with Visa stamping.

If this is new job, I would suggest go for stamping with client letter and detail project description document.



Dear Prashanth

I would suggest not to travel at this moment. Once your H1B approved while you are in US, There wouldn’t be any issues if you continue working here itself. If you travel outside of the country with the approved petition, definitely you have to get it stamped before entering into the country. So i would suggest instead of your wife travel, you can ask your parents/inlaws to travel here and take the baby to INDIA. These days, Client letter is mandatory while attending the visa interview at consulate. In general pay stubs also mandatory during visa interview. Generally interviewer would assume that you are already working with that employer and you have good rapo as well. this is the main reason for looking at paystubs.Dnt take any risk with out these…