Can revoked H1B be approved again by different employer?

I am currently in a very complicated situation. Please help asap. Much appreciated.
When I was in India, I was offered employment by employer A who filed my capped H1B petition in 2015. The H1B was picked in the lottery and approved via PP and I possess a soft copy of the approval notice.
But, employer A could no longer extend the offer and hence I did not go for stamping and I did not travel to US.
In Feb 2016, employer B filed a cap exempt H1B (University) visa during which the employer A’s caped H1B visa was revoked by USCIS
I am currently in the US working for employer B on a cap-exempt H1B visa.
Now, employer C(private company/capped org) wants to hire me. Can employer C revive my capped H1B petition which was revoked in Feb 2016?
If so, will it be considered a regular capped H1B transfer considering the capped H1B visa is currently in revoked status?

Looking forward to hear back on this.

Yes you can use your employer A approved petition to transfer to C.