Can Quota prevent OPT conversion to H1B - Possibility


I’m planning for my son to apply for Master degree in USA - Software engineering field. My main targets are to study, work and live in USA.

I’ve read in your valuable topics regarding H1B Visa.

My question is regarding advanced CAP/Quota.

Suppose employer is willing to convert OPT to H1B visa, and he applied with proper process, is there big possibility for OPT students to fail in getting H1B visa due to quota limitations ?

Are students that studied in STEM fields having bigger chance as they have 36 months chance, or not ?


Yes, there are hurdles like H1B Lottery. From Nex year, it will be : H1B Registration Rule, Lottery. If he gets selected in registration, then it goes to H1B visa processing, where anything can happen, if the job is not from good company.

Most of the students, if their degree’s CIP code falls under STEM, they get 36 months. Check CIP Code for MS in US STEM.