Can one work under cpt between his course?

hi ,

my husband is in full time mba programm of one yr . ,he has finished 9 months of his course and as h1b cap has reached and he has already used his opt after ms,he wants to extend his mba to stay in us for few months . he can drop his last semester nwow and rejoin in 3months ,can he work for these 3 months under cpt ?please help

cpt is a privelege not a right. It depends a lot on the university and the degree program co ordinator if he is allowed to. In our university, if the department felt that the CPT was being misused, they straight away rejected it, wihtout any scope for appeal.

You should ask your school about that.

CPT is tied to the program. The academic department has full say on the CPT approval. Also, it has to be approved by the DSO. As, it is second masters, it can be tricky, your husband need to work with both the academic department and DSO for CPT approval. It is up to them to approve it… Read this for general CPT info :