Can one stay in USA on H1B petition approved before october

My L1B and i94 expire in April 2013. Employer will file L1 extension.

Meanwhile H1 will be filed by new employer. is it possible that H1 petition is approved before october if premium processed and i can continue my stay in usa based on H1 petition. (As L1B results most probably comes in 3-4 months of time i.e July) and if L1B results is negative then if H1B is petition is approved enabling me to continue my stay and work can stat in october?

You cannot stay in US if your L-1 has expired. This is b/c your H-1 I-94 will start from Oct 1. So there will be a gap in I-94 from April 2013 to Oct 2013.

If you have a pending L-1 extension or L-1 extension gets approved, then you can continue to stay in US.

Hi Saurabh,

mine is the same case. just that my i94 and l1(l1 is from current employer) is getting expired on sept 23 2014 and i am planning to apply h1b thru a consultant. They say that we would run out of status for a week before h1 is effective from oct 1. is there any workaround that we stay in usa for that week?