Can my wife work on L2 visa , once she gets her H4?

My situation is like this.

Currently, I am on an L1 visa which is expiring on 14th March 2013. My wife is here with me on L2, with expiry date on 14th March 2013. I have already applied for her L2 EAD, which should come by August.

Now my company has decided to convert my L1 to H1 this year only. So i will move to H1 with effective from Oct 2012, and my wife will move to H4 with effective from Oct 2012

My question is: Will my wife be able to work on L2 EAD till March 2013, or she will have to forego her EAD post Oct 2012.

Once you move to H1B status on 1st October 2012, your wife’s status will have to be H4 and thus cannot work. Her status is tied to your’s.