Can my wife travel on H4 while my H1b transfer is pending

I came in USA in June 2012 on H1b visa from Employer A. I came with my wife and she was also on H4 visa with Employer A

I changed my Job to Employer B and my H1b and her H4 got transferred and approved to Employer B. But we both have visa stamping from Employer A only. This happened in June 2013

Then in Nov 2013 I went back to India on vacation along with my wife. She stayed there till date and I came back in Nov end 2013 with Visa Stamping from Employer A and H1b I797 approval notice of Employer B as I already joined Employer B before going to India. I did not found any problem there And she is still in india and she is having H4 visa stamping from Employer A that is valid till Sep 2014 same as mine. But my H1b that is approved from employer B is valid till Nov 2015

Now the situation is I am planning to change the job to employer C and Employer C has filed my H1b transfer. It is in pending state currently and I am still working for Employer B only as I will join Employer C only after approval. Now my wife has to travel to USA but she has visa stamping on passport from Employer A and I am still working for Employer B, so I have approval notice from Employer B i.e. my current employer and H1b transfer is pending for Employer C.

So Will there be any problem travelling in such situation or I should wait till approval… What are consequences?

Which I797 she has to show at port of entry?

She can travel. Not a Problem, Employer B’s I797 must work