Can my spouse on H4 attend a training to get somebody to sponsor her


I’m on H1B and my wife is on h4. She’s been applying for a sponsor and an employer is willing to training her and then evaluate. Basis of that he’ll be filing an H1. They are paying out an allowance for training costs. Are there any legal concerns?

There is NO Training only option on H1B visa.
If her status allows to work and earn(ex: H1B), she should be earning from the H1B sponsored employee.
In simple words, if she received the H1B petition receipt notice, she can start be paid by the H1B sponsoring employer. If not, she should not.

She can be evaluated for suitability but she can’t accept compensation for costs incurred. If the company writes a check in her name, her SSN gets linked to the payment and that will be against rules when she is on H4