Can my dad (on visitor visa) drive my car in the US with his Indian DL?

Hello all,

Can my dad drive my car in the US (in PA) with his Indian DL? Or will he need intl drivers permit or something of that sort? Also, if he can drive, where should I purchase insurance for him? Can i just add him to my Geico plan itself even though he is only a visitor and not going to be here permanently?

Kindly advise, thanks!

Indian DL will work for some time. Plan to get a learner’s permit from local dmv. Showing them together to an officer of the law is very helpful. If your dad wants to drive, he should plan to enjoy while doing so. Insurance rules are not clear so apply for a secured american express card for him which comes with liability coverage. Do not add him to geico, your rates will increase. All this begins with a social security number for him, does he have one?

Dr. Sandeep Shankar


Colorado Heights University