Can my client co sponsor me H1b visa on behalf of my co?

Hi Saurabh,

My company wants to do my L1b visa, but am not sure whether i will get it or not due to high rejection rates these days & my company is not willing to sponsor H1 visa (may be because its a small co or may be visa charge is more pricey). So i wanted to know can my client company process my H1b on behalf of my co. Is that possible? My client is a Fortune 50 co.

Plz help me with this, its urgent.

Thanks Ryan

Saurabh can you plz answer my question?

Yes, they can. For this they will have to hire you as an employee and can file H-1 for you. However, lot of companies have contracts prohibiting their employees from joining the clients w/o receiving approval from the employer. See if something like that is in place in your company.