can lottery picked H1B petition be transferred from Employer A to employer B

I am working in India for an employer “A”. My employer filed H1B for this year and it got picked in the lottery. And i got the case number also.

Recently i got a good opportunity from employer “B”. So i am planing to change the company form “A” to “B”.

My question is:

  1. Can the selected H1B petition from employer “A” is valid to transfer to employer “B”.
    if so, please let me know the required documents i need to provide to employer “B” to transfer it.
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Yes you can transfer, but do it after you get the current Employer A petition approval. And better to go for transfer after Oct1 2015.

You would need the Employer A receipt number and approval notice will be an advantage.

hi, my case is quite similar… Working in USA on L1B…got H1B lottery picked up but due to some personal reasons wanted to move out of USA before petition get approved. Can I use the H1B receipt number with another employer for cap-exempt if wanted to come back to US after couple of years? Any suggestions ?

I asked my employer to withdraw my h1b petition which was picked.When I track the status it says,“Case was received”. Is that the message I see, even if the petition is withdrawn or my employer is lying to me as if he withdrawn the petition.Can someone share your answers please.