Can L1B Individual Visa employee work in USA by changing company

Currently I am working in USA for an Indian IT company. I am in L1B Individual Visa. Can I change join any US company here…if yes please let me know the process. Also, if I have to change Visa type, please let me know what I have to do.

You need to find an employer who is willing to transfer your L1 to an H1. This is called COS(Change of Status). Your status changes from L1 to H1 from the start date mentioned in the new employer’s petition. The only thing to consider is that you will need to get the visa stamped the next time you leave the country and try to come back again. If this is your first H1 it would be considered against the cap quota for H1(65K for graduate degree + 20K for masters) which is unfortunetly exhausted this year.

No You cant, You have to apply for a fresh H1 ( which will be a change from L1B to H1). In your case you will be able to apply for H1 is next year. I would recommend you to start looking for Employers who can file your H1. in case you get the petetion approved with COS ( change of status ) you are good to work in USA from Oct1 else you need to go back out of USA, get the Visa stamped and come back.

Sagar’s answer is more accurate !! I forgot to add that the COS can only happen from April 1 2014.