Can L1A apply for H1b and can L2 apply for a MBA


My husband is on L1A with TCS and we are planning to apply for his H1b.But unfortunately not every employer is agreeing to do so,since there is a lot of complication involved,this is our 4th yr in the US and we are left only with two more years if the H1 goes through.Any suggesstions.Though he does qualify for H1b(4 years of education+10 years of experience)

My next question is since im on L2 my employer is willing to sponsor my H1.But im a B’com from India with a one year certification course done from Aptech.Ever since for almost about 6 years i have worked as a Technical Recruiter.My employer would send my papers for educational evaluation,what are my chances of approval.Plan B-i also intend to do MBA here,but the only concern is if im on L2 a dependent visa and i get an admission for MBA can i also get a OPT/CPT in case my husband is asked to go.So that i could stay back md still work md study at the same time.And than accordingly i can file H1 as i would have a strong base.

Please advice very urgent!!!

H-1 is the only way if the husband wants to stay and work for longer. BTW, on L-1A you get 7 years and not 6 years. Still your green card should have been filed by 5th year if you want extensions beyond 6th year (possible only on H-1)

If you study MBA on L-2, then you don’t receive any CPT/OPT. To receive that you need to file COS from L-2 to F-1.

Thanx saurabh.I have another question to ask:I’m a B’com and a 1 year certification in computer Application from a recognised institute from India.I have about 4 years of work experience working with IBM,India.My employer is planning to apply my H1 what are the chances of getting thru vs denial.
In case i do my MBA amd after 2 years can i apply for COS and get OPT,Also when i apply for my H1 after MBA,will that be counted against my number of years stayed in US or will i get a new H1 valid for 6 yrs.
The other way out is i do a certification in IT programme and move into IT as a QA Analyst or BA and next year apply for H1 with some IT knowledge.Would this work.
Please help as i have to make a decision now.

Its not possible to give the probability of success. A lot depends upon your employer, your offered position and your qualifications.

Only the time spent on L-1 and H-1 is counted towards the 6 year cap. Time spent on any other visa status is not counted.

Its just one week left before the cap opens. If you/employer have to decide about the position, role etc then it may already be too late. USCIS is expecting cap to get over in first week itself