Can I work on L2 EAD till My Husband change his status from L2 to H1b?


Currently I am on L2 EAD. My husband H1B pettion approved. We are planning to go to India in Last week of November 2013. We will do the H1b & H4 stamping during our visit.

Thus I was wondering can I work on L2 EAD till Last week of November?



Was his H-1 approved w/ COS? If yes, then he moves to H-1 status from COS effective date and his L-1 status will cease to exist. This also means, your L-2 will cease to exist and you should be on H-4 status (I would hope that your H-4 COS was also filed).

If COS was not filed or approved, then you can continue to work on L-2 as long as he remains in US on L-1.