can i work in old location after amendment expiry for new location


Hi,My H1B extension for location A was approved till may 12, 2018 and visa was also stamped with same expiry and CBP port I94 also has same may 12, 2018 as expiry.My amendment petition which got approved after it for Location B got expired dec 4, 2017 with I94 in it with expiry as dec 4, 2017.I have filed for h1b extension in premium on jan 2018 for location B and have received RFE. I am currently not work authorized in location B as I am past dec 4, 2017. Can I travel back to location A and work there until may 12, 2018 or for a shorter period till my h1b extension gets approved ā€¦Appreciate your responseā€¦Thanks!