Can I work during COS

Ive applied for a L2 visa in Dec 2013, requested for a service request on March 25, 2014. Still have not heard anythign from USCIS. Currently employed on H1b and have applied a Change Of Status COS to L2 along with an application for an EAD.

I now have a job offer to join in June 1, 2014 and am still awiting my L2 approval. I plan to resign at my current employers place (so H1B gets cancelled and I change to a COS status). My question is can I work on COS.

OR/ And How can I request USCIS to expedite my visa processing.

Please advise. Thanks


I think you should wait to resign as activity dependent on a future L-2 EAD issuance is prohibited during change of status. My guess is your L-2 EAD will come through before June start. If you were on an L-2 EAD and were waiting for an H-1B change of status, employment could have been continued until decision but the reverse is not applicable due to a tight linkage between H-1B and employer.

All the best

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Thank you Sandeep for you response. Greatly appreciate it!.

So my plan currently is to have my last day of work in the 3rd week of may, with a hope to have received the l2 approval by then.

Also, i plan on calling USCIS tomo, any advice how I could request them to handle this case sooner. I have already placed a service request on March23 and havent seen any change in visa status till date.

Thank you once again.

There is no special way to handle a USCIS call, the answer is never satisfactory. They have a sheet of paper from where they answer and it is always the same. You will be told that the wait time is 120 days or longer.

Thank you for your answer.
But I am very worried now and am sorry to ask you the same question again and again. IS THERE NO Other way out of this? absolutely no other way? 4.5 months processing time already for application uscis advertises to take 2.5 months on their website.

Thank you once again.

Any day now, you will get your approval and EAD card. Nothing can be done to expedite it as the category does not demand expediency. You can call USCIS, they will tell you it is in process - maybe the same evening you will get the mail you have been waiting for. My best wishes are with you

Thank you very much Sandeep. Im hoping that as well. :slight_smile:
Anyway, I did call up USCIS and I wouldnt agree less- they do have a sheet they read from.
Thank you once again for your best wishes.

No update yet on any of my applications (1-L2 I539 application, 2- EAD I765 application) :’( Please advice.

I spoke to a Tier 1 officer on friday may2 and placed a service request on my EAD. then on Sunday May 4, i placed a e-service request online for the L2 (because the last request was made on march25th with no update on the case.
On Monday May 5, i received an update for the EAD Application about an address change and therefore called USCIS. Was lucky to have been transferred to a Tier 2 Officer during the call.
The Tier 2 officer issued new Service requests (WKD…VSC) numbers for both EAD application and L2 application, and said i should be hearing back by May10.

All well until this morning (May7) I received an email about the request placed last friday on the EAD-stating that no defined date can be mentioned for the processing time.

No idea how does this work. But is the WKD…VSC service request placed by Tier 2 officer still valid? and should I still be expecting an update by May10.

Also, is it suggested to email to the Vermont Service center email address mentioning that both the EAD and L2 are together and are both pending since Dec 19th?

Please advice. Let me know. Thank you in advance.