can i visit US using B1 when H1 petition is pending

My h1b petition was applied by a US based company which is now in the Initial Review status. But now my current employer is asking me to visit US for a business meet using B1 visa which I am already having. I have a couple of questions. Please suggest.

  1. Will there be any problem if I visit US using B1 visa when my H1B petition is still pending? Will there be problem at the POE?
  2. Is there any chance that my current employer get to know about the H1B petition that is applied on behalf of me by another company?



I also have same questions as mentioned in point 1.

The information i got from my employer is that unless and untill you are not misusing B1 visa, you can goto US. You should have valid reason and should return within the visa stamp expiry date. Hope it helps.

  1. Agree w/ the first response
  2. No, they will not know about the pending H-1 petition