Can I visit outside US on H4 while H1 New processing is progress?


I am on H4 EAD and have applied for my H1B visa in this cycle. I received a notification from my attorney that my application is picked up. I am hoping to receive my I797 around October this year.
I am planning to go to UK for 2 weeks during July.

My Question is - If I travel outside US on H4 visa while my H1B new application is in progress, willit impact my new H1 application anyway? As per my understanding, this will not impact my ongoing H1B but will reject automatic conversion from H4 to H1 while H1 will still remain intact.
I can continue to be on H4 and I need to visit home country for visa stamping whenever H4 to H1 Change of Status needs to be applied .

Please advice.


Yes, your understanding is correct. It will abandon the Change of Status part, but your H1B processing will continue. Yes, that’s correct, you can attend H1B stamping in home country and re-enter US on H1B visa.