Can I Use OPT and OPT Extension in Second Master(MS) if not used/not applied during First MS?

I completed my Masters in information systems in Dec 2015. My college hired me and applied for a non profit H1B( CAP Exempt) in June 2015. I never applied for my OPT nor did I use it.

Now I want to move from a non profit organization to a profit organization.What would be the best option for me?

I am planning to take admission in a University that provides first day CPT and start working for an IT company that can help me file for an CAP NON EXEMPT H1 B? Is this a good option?If I Pursue my second Masters will I be eligible to use my OPT and OPT extension, as I never used it during My First Master? If yes, will taking 1st day CPT affect my OPT in any way?