Can I trust Niche Software solution company for filing my H1B??

I am planing to apply for H1B this year in April 2016.They are asking $3000 for the same.They have also said they would refund $2000 in case the application is not selected in the lottery.Can I go ahead in applying through this company??

Here is a scam (which this company may or may not do). Take $3000 from you, don’t file any H-1 for you and later claim that you didn’t make through the lottery and return $2000. That means a profit of $1000. Cool!!!

As always, paying for H-1B is ILLEGAL.

Hi Ashwini,

Are you planning to go ahead with them ? I am also thinking about the same

Hi Ashwini,

Let me know how good is the consultancy??

Can anyone me tell me if we receive below confirmation if its not getting selected in Lottery?

When I checked some forums I could found some sample Rejection in Lottery case which says that –
Reject Case # , Notice Date # , Form Type , Petitioner and Beneficiary saying
"Your Petition, Supporting Documents , and fee was returned to you. your petition was returned for the following reason –

All H1B cap subject petitions received at the XXX Service Centers from April 1, 2016 to Aril 7, 2017 were subject to a computer generated randon selection process. USCIS received your petition during this timeframe, however , it was not among those randomly selected for processing."

So and So…. Please confirm once if the above is true!!