Can i travel with petition different from the visa stamped petition


My concern is different from others, My H1B selected in 2014 with employer A and when went for interview at chennai - they issued me 221g marking as required additional administration process. Since there is no query and employer A also not helpful. Hence with help of another employer B i am able to file one more petition in 2015 since my 2014 petition is valid.

By the time i moved new job in hyderabad and this time i went to hyderabad consulate with new employer B provided documents, here also i got 221 g but they marked requesting few more documents. After 3 months wait finally my H1B got stamped with Employer B.

Now the problem is Employer B is not able to provide proper employment i am still in india with valid H1B visa - Since he is delaying travel my present company filled another petitioned and that petitioned got approved

Now my question can i travel with my present company petitioned even though my visa is on employer B - will there be any risk at port of entry - Please suggest

You can travel using previous visa stamp as well, if it has not been marked as canceled in the passport. However, several companies prefer to have the visa stamp in their name. You should check w/ your immigration team about their opinion on this.

Thank you Saurabh! In this case what are questions i will face at POE. Please advice. Which is best to entry the POE - with which employer either stamped or new employer’s petition - This will be first time i am travelling on H1B - So please advise

Enter at the location where your new employer is located. Ask your attorney about the legal text that you can show in case PoE officer inquires.