Can I travel when my H1B extension is under RFE?

I am in a unique situation and need your input. So here is my situation - currently on H1B with a visa stamp in my passport. H1B is valid till 03/04/2018. I-94 is also valid till 03/04/2018.

My employer applied for H1B extension on 09/27/2017. It was upgraded to PP on 10/16/2017. Today, we received an RFE. I am planning to travel out of the country on 11/09 and will be back on 11/26 (travel cannot be avoided). What are my options now? Should I ask my employer to respond to the RFE after I come back to the US? Can they respond to the RFE while I’m out of US? Will my application be abandoned? Will I face issues at POE? (I still have a valid H1B visa in my passport).