Can i travel when my H1B amendment is pending


I filed my H1b amendment and got RFE. We have now supplied the documents required in RFE and awaiting response. At this point i need to travel urgently to India in another week. Can i travel while i’m waiting for my amendment RFE approval?

Have you filed for an extension as well along with the amendment? If yes then as long as you can leave and come back before the adjudication is complete for your application you should be good. If you happen to get the adjudication before you travel back then the extension would be a waste and you would have to file for extension again.

If it is only for job/role change amendment then you should not have any issues while travelling even if the application is pending.

Hi Ankit,
Thanks for your reply.
I came into US in H4 visa in 2013. Later I applied for h1 and working since 2014 Nov. My H1 is not stamped so far. In the amendment, we requested for 1 year extenstion. What would happen in this case. Can i travel? Will i not get this 1 yr extension?

We filed for amendment and responded to RFE on sep 10 and exactly a week later USCIS status changed as respond received and we are waiting for the approval. And my travel is on 8th Oct.

Hi, could you let me know what did you end up doing in your case?