Can I travel to US with H1 Amendment in pending Status

My H1B petition is valid till Sep 2017, My employer has filed for my H1B amendment for a change in Location. Can I travel to India in the month of December 2015 while the amendment process is still in Progress? I have a certified LCA for the current Location and I do have Valid visa stamped till Sep 2017.

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check with the employer’s attorney, but you don’t need a fresh visa for change in location amendement. usually. so yes you can travel

Yeah… You can. Since you are with the same employer and your suituation is valid, it’s not gonna create any issue. But make sure since you filed the amendment when you would be changing to new project or location and other details. Because you would be travelling on Dec but they had filed amendment earlier and still you are coming back to old location… Why? If you have valid answer then you are good.