Can i travel to US in H4 when my H1B is initiated

Hi ,

I am currently in India with H4 visa while my husband is in the USA on an H1b. I am employed by a top MNC company in India. They are filing an H1b for me this april and if everything goes well I will be able to go US in October on an H1b.

Now since my husband is on an H1b, I am planning to go US in Mid April or May and stay there till October.Also I have planned to come back to US on October after I have received the approved H1B.So that in october i can go in H1B visa.

Now my question is that If I want to travel to the USA the H4 visa, will that have an adverse affect on my H1b application. Also I have planned to ask for long leave in my company without pay.I am really in a confused state.Your answer will be really helpful for me.If someone can answer for my question it will be really helpful for me because i am in confused stage.

Thank you so much for all ur help,