Can i travel to india on H-4 once my H-1 B get approved

1.I am on H4 visa and applied for H-1 B this year(Regular category).It got picked in lottery and

I am planning to go to India after the petition is approved.

Assuming I get my Visa, Can I travel to India on H4 and come back on H4. (probable dates are in between august 1 st to august 15th and return back to US before October 2014 ) .


2.I have my H-4 visa till next year march 2015,Will I face any issues ?do i need to go for stamping for H1B?or H-4 B ? If I need H4 stamping Will my H1b remain the same and automatically be activated in October  2014?

Thanks in advance ,Pls suggest ...

If your H1 was applied with CoS then it should be ok to travel to India after approval and come back before October 1. But better check with your employer.