Can i travel to India in June 2013 with my H1B visa expiring in July 2013

I have H1B visa which is valid until 15th July 2013 and my I94 expires on 25th July 2013. For personal reasons I am planning to travel to India in mid-June and planning to return back by July first week.

Assuming that my employer will file the extension atleast 3 months in advance, i will be waiting for the petition to be approved at the time of travel.

  1. Since there is only 2 to 3 weeks left will i be having trouble in returning back to US during the 1st week of July?

  2. Will there be questions asked by the CBP officer, immigration officer at the Transit country, immigration officer in India, and on return at the transit country or at the port of entry? One of my friend told me that considering that there are only few weeks left i will be asked lots of question as some of his other friends have faced similar problems especially while travelling via european countries. He instead suggested that i can travel via Mid-East countries.