Can I travel to India after applying fresh H1-B?

My Fiance is currently on expired L1-B in US. Her I94 is valid till 2016. I am trying to apply fresh H1-B for her this year (2014). But due to unavoidable circumstances, she has to travel to India in April and will not be able to come back till her H1-B gets approved.

Can there be any problem in her H1-B approvals if she stays in India after sending petition?

No Problem… But she must go for Stamping if its approved when she is in India…

If VO asks about Visit to india, appropriate reasons must be given

Thank you so much for your reply.

Now if I go to India in May and we get married there, can I file dependent VISA (H4) for her and bring her to US? Will that impact her H1-B approvals?