Can I travel out of US while applied for H1 to H4EAD COS


Pls Advise!

Q1:I have applied for COS from H1 to H4EAD and I got receipt number saying that its under process. After that no updates. So now can I go out of US for vacation of two months while my change of status is applied and come back? OR I need to stay in country (US) untill H4EAD is approved?

My H1 expires sept30th 2015. not applied for H1 extension as we applied for H4EAD.

Q2: My second question is can my husband change his job to another employer when my H4EAD is applied? Cos H4EAD depends upon spouse H1. If he changes his job and while H1 transfer if he gets any RFE whether it affects to my H4EAD process?

Thank you in advance


Q1: Its better not to leave US till you get the decision.

Q2: till the approval he shouldnt… Heard some cases that if he leaves and immediately his employer revokes the petition then you might be in trouble…dont take risk