Can I travel on L2 before I appear for my L1a individual interview

My husband is currently in US on L1a visa. My company applied for my L1A blanket but unfortunately it got rejected in feb, 2016. Since my role is critical, my company initiated my L1A individual. My petition got approved in May, 2016 and now waiting for PA date. Since the interview wait time is long where I am not getting a date before Sept, 2016, I plan to travel with my son on L2 which is already stamped for us. I plan to travel back near to my PA date for L1A individual. I hope my L2 travel would not have any impact pn my interview. Would you recommend me to travel on L2 for 3 months before i appear for my PA for L1A individual. Please guide.

It should be ok to travel on L-2 and then return to India to appear for L-1A visa interview. L-2 travel won’t impact the decision for L-1A.


Have gone through quite a few queries on the site.

I may be repeating the query but a clear response will help me please.

I have to Travel for Two weeks on B1/B2. This was planned well in advance for certain meetings.

I am also expected to file the L1A Ind. once am back from US.

Will this Two weeks of USA travel on B1 have any bearing on the L1A Ind. whenever its filed once i return to India(may take atleast 2 to 4 weeks to file am told by my visa team).

Please suggest. If my query is not clear please let me know and i can reframe my query to you.

Thanks for your help and suggestion with this.



As long as you have valid reason to travel on B-1/2, it should not impact your L-1 stamping. Usually the negative impact is when you stay close to 5-6 months on B-1/2.