Can I travel in July while my H1 is in process, my OPT is valid till Oct. 2019

I would like to know if I can travel in July 2018, assuming my H1 application is picked and it’s pending then:

  1. What’s the case if it’s picked and approved before my travel?

  2. What if it’s picked and not get approved before my travel?

I see in a lot of places that I can travel without any issues since I have my OPT valid till Oct. 2019. I would also like to know if my SEVIS will be good if my H1 gets picked in the lottery? cos I heard that it will be invalid once our H1 gets picked and we will be out of status then, which is why it’s risky to travel during this time. How true is that?

Appreciate your time for reading this! Also a big thanks if you have valuable advice :slight_smile: