Can I Transfer my H1B Visa to another employer without having Form I797A.?


Friends I am in big trouble now though my case is in approved status.Visa H1B Filed by my previous employer A got approved and they received Form I797A, but due to growth reason I switched my job and since 5 months I am working with other company B. Now I am looking for a Onsite opportunity but My Ex -Employer A is not sharing my I797 with me and Demanding 2.7 lacks for it.

Please somebody suggest me an answer or share experience on following :-

How will I get my form no I-797A if my employer A is not sharing it with me?

Can I Transfer my H1B Visa to another employer without having Form I797A.?




You just need to have the receipt number from your previous H1 application. That along with a screenshot of the approved petition will be enough for transfer.

My employer is not sharing me That screenshot too of I797. they are continously asking me to pay the money or else they will withdraw my petition.
After approval how can they withdraw my petition?I still cant understand.
When I left organization with very good terms how can they behave with me like that.All the cases I am requesting them for my Petition. But after receipt they arent sharing anything.
Can I use screenshot of site : about my case that its approved. will it work for H1 to be transfer?

Yes when I say screen shot of the approved petition I mean screen shot of the case status from the above website. I have myself got my H1 transfer done via the same method. One of my old employers is yet to give me the approved petition. Regarding them having the power to withdraw, well that is legally allowed. And don’t bother yourself with questions like why or how can they do this. It’s best to focus on the issue at hand, which is for you to get your stamping done. Best of luck !

wow thats great news then :slight_smile: thank you so much Ankit .

Hi ankit,
i got my h1 picked up in last year and it went to RFE , It’s not filed by my current employer. Some other company in india filed it. in jan 2017 that employer responded to RFE, but now petition status changed to denied. can i get the h1 transfer to another employer and then process it for approval? I only have
I 797C document with me. Thanks in advacne