Can i transfer my h1b to another employer before my h1b visa is approved ?

if my current employer files for h1b and i wanna quit and join another job in a month or so i . e before i get the h1b visa , can i transfer my h1b to another job ? ?

how long does the transfer take and will it hamper the process of me getting an h1b ?

is it safer to transfer h1b after i hv been approved and i get the visa?
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Your H-1 cannot be transfered until the 1st petition gets approved.

Transfer petition will take 2-6 months to process, or 15 calendar days under premium processing. If RFE is issued, then it will take longer.

wen u say petition is ‘approved’ u mean when my application is accepted for reviewing like it is in initial review stage or when i hv got the h1b visa? i get confused with certain terms… i read ur article on diff statuses in h1b n it helped me alot

There are 2 things - petition and visa. When employer files H-1 w/ USCIS, they will approve the petition (797 doc) and you will then have to appear at the consulate for H-1 visa. You can transfer H-1 after the petition has been approved (not reviewed or RFE but approved).