can i Transfer in second sem problem with Intrntl' student adviser

Hi I am studing in X university.But i not satisifed by the education here . I am planning to transfer from this university to other univeristy for the next semester. What the problem is , problem with with my international student adviser , she follows the words as suggested by one of my faculty( he is an indian) . now i am mentally depressing with this situation the indian fculty ,he is not giving me grades to pass the subjects and he is not allowing me to transfer as he directed international student advisor, not to transfer.

what i have to do now ?

he is mentally torturing me and i have some evidence for this. can i go legally?

No one can force you to stay in school. Also, if they are mentally stressing you, you have every right to talk to the dean and get it sorted out. You can reach out to counselling services and get it escalated. Talk to someone in Student life, they will help you.

Anyways, You can transfer to other school after first semester. In fact, [you can transfer to other school even before first semester,]( if the school allows. 

First talk to the  Dean, if you have any isssues.  You have rights to talk to any of the officials in Student services to get it sorted out.  You have all rights, just talk to the right peopel, you should not be taking any abuse from others.

Yes, legally you can. First talk to higher officials and show them the evidence, if needed.