can i transfer h1b to employerB after h4 to H1B cos approval

I got h4 to h1b approved on september19th .

Now my employerA (who sponsored for my H1B) does not have any positions opens to place me . so I found a full time position and want to change to employer B. can I do H1B transfer to employer B after october 1st since I didnot start working for employerA yet and I didnot have any paystubs from current employerA

If Yes Do I need to have h1B approval doc to file for H1B transfer as my employerA has not provided it to me yet

Since you don’t have valid Pay stub means you don’t have qualified employer, which ultimately means fraudulent employer and hence petition should be revoked as per law. Best option would be ask your petitioner to talk to your new employer, you work for B get money from A, get pay stubs for 3 months then go for H1B transfer. Also ask A to file for amending petition if location/EVC model is getting changed.