Can i transfer h1 without document and payslip

I came to US as a L2 dependent, then my status changed to H4. I could not work for 2 years. my H4 extension applied previously is valid till feb 2015. I applied H1 last year and it was approved by dec 2013. My employer couldnt find any job for me from dec 2013 till MAy 2014,he is not paying me as well. He is neither sharing my H1 documents nor generating pay slips. I am trying to find jobs for me, is it possible to transfer h1 document without any document. I am not sure in what status i am in right now

how did you handle this? I am in a similar situation.

actually i got a contract job through my consultant, meanwhile i also attended interviews for fulltime jobs which required h1 transfers, so with one month payslip i was able to transfer the h1 to another new employer who willingly accepted to do h1 transfer with just the tearable portion in i797.everythign came together at the right moment and i did transfer my h1