Can I take CPT from day 1 of a sem if I am doing my 2nd Master's


I am planning for 2nd Master’s in MBA. I applied to the same university where I graduated earlier. I heard from a friend that we can take CPT from 1st day of the course if is our 2nd Master’s…is it true??

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It totally depends on the school. You may be eligible, some schools let their students take CPT from day one. You need to talk to two people

  1. Academic advisor of the program, if they let you take CPT from first semester

  2. DSO, who will tell you the CPT eligibility from immigration stand point.

Do NOT assume, check with the school.

my school says it offers CPT from day 1 and it has accredition. it also says CPT is an integral part of the course. if i go with cpt from day 1 would there be any problem when i file a h1 next year?