Can i switch my company i have H1B Visa

Can i switch my company, have selected H1B visa and my case was approved. However stamping is pending. So if i switch my current company.

Please help me

You can, your new employer will have to file a Cap-exempt application for you. Its like a new H1b without quota.

Thank you sir,

could you please explain me in brief, i am not understand new H1b without quota. Means again new H1b visa lottery process.

No. There will be no lottery. New employer will just have file a new application using your existing petition. Just tell the new employer you have a valid petition and you need to get it transferred, they will understand.

Thank you sir,

How to much time require to transfer my petition. My friends told me some time when new employer file petition first old employer petition will canceled and after that new will approve. So in this case some time new employer petition will reject and old employer already canceled. Could you please confirmed this is correct or not ?