Can I study law on H1B visa and what is the process to get admission in law college in USA?

I want to know of all the law courses available in USA and would I be able to do a full time course in USA and what are the steps if i have to take up a law course. Also would i be able to practice law in USA and what type of Visa I would have to apply to work as lawyer in USA

You are free to study any degree on H1B Visa as long as you can maintain your H1B visa status by working full time. Maintaing your status on H1B Visa is the key…If you would like to study full time, then you need to switch to F1 Visa. Regarding admissions, you can look at Law Schools Website prospective students section for full process and requirements like Harvard Law school International students . You can talk to any school’s international advisor for guidance on how to transition and plan your degree. Have a session with admissions and career center at any law school, they will give you full information.