Can I still apply for F1 after H1B is rejected or does not make it through lottery?

I am working at one of India’s leading IT slutions company.

Can I still apply for F1 student visa after H1B initiated by employer is denied or doesnot make it through the lottery?

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F1 visa is a student visa. You might need to write GRE, apply to an university, then get an admission, after which the university will send you an I-20 document. You need this I-20 for F-1 visa.

F-1 visa is not an alternate for H1B. You cannot work in F1 visa, until you have an approved CPT (which is after 9 months of the start of the cource) or OPT (that can pre completion or post completion). Dont join fake universities, and end up in trouble like the TVU case where students were deported.

Well I did take the GRE and TOEFL and was planning for fall 2015, however my employer has offered an H1 visa.
So I wanted to know if after applying to a univ and applying for F1 would still be an option if h1 is denied.

Good question, I am on a similar situation and would also like to know the answer. I am scared because the H1B has dual intention while F1 does not. However if I apply to F1 it would be after being admitted to a very well recognized university in my field of study and for a master program that is coherent with my career path and objectives.