Can i stay legally after L1B max out until my COS is pending with USCIS for F1 visa on my I-94 date?


My name is Manish. My L1B is getting expired on 27th Nov 2014 means completing 5 years On L1B in US. I just applied for COS from L1B to F1 as i also have I-94 validity till 26th Jan 2015 and my school is starting from 05th jan 2015.

Here are my questions on my case:

  1. Can i stay legally after 27th Nov 2014 till my case is pending with USCIS on the basis of filing of COS for F1 visa till my I-94 date?

  2. In case my application will get deny, in how many days I need to leave the US?

Appreciate your early response on this.



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