Can I request an extending time, which will be after Oct,1 to hand in the RFE materials?

Hi, I made into the H1b lottery. RFE received on Jun 23.

My lawyer said we have 87 days to prepare the requested materials. I am afraid I cannot get the requested materials ready within 87 days.

My questions:

  1. Is it possible for me to request an extension time, which will be after Oct 1, to prepare the RFE materials?

  2. For my legal status in US, when will be my last day in the country if my visa is not yet approved by Oct 1?

Thank you!

  1. I don’t think they will provide extension to RFE timeframe. 90 days is pretty standard for everyone.

  2. What is your current visa status and when does current I-94 expire?

Hi, Saurabh,thank you for the reply! Iam in OPT now, which should expire on Aug 10, 16. However I am eligible for the Cap-Gap. Thus my OPT is extended to Sep 30, 16.

One more thing, 90 days refer to the physicial days or work days?

It is 90 calendar days from the RFE issue date. So includes weekends as well.