Can I recapture time outside US at the end of first 3 years?

Am on a Blanket L1A. The first 3 years end Sept 6, 2015, after which L1A will need to be renewed.Meanwhile, same employer has applied for an h-1b (2015), which has been approved. Approval notice not yet sent out.While on L1A, have traveled outside the US for vacation (~25 days).

Can I recapture these vacation days so I can stay in the US beyond Sept 6, 2015 without going out of status? Or is recapture only possible at the end of the status period (6 years for H1, 7 years for L1A)?

My H-1b was filed as cons-op instead of CoS because the lawyer said there would be a ‘status gap’ and CoS does not apply. Wanted to cross-check, since I really want to avoid travel for stamping if possible.

Thanks in advance for the help & advice!