Can i really afford it, or do i have to forget it?

Hi,im siddharth. I’m studying CSE in one of the reputed colleges. i wanted to go to US or Canada for my MS of MBA. Many of my elder friends also dreamed of studying abroad but every one gave-up, thinking that they cannot afford(or brave enough) to achive it. Now every one got their job. I want to complete my MS at any cost.It is my dream. i want to become a sucessfull person and afford a good living. My financial status is so-so. So please help me,if there is any way to fullfill my dream.I still have 3years to complete my, so please guide me, so i can prepare from now. Also tell me the total cost of my education. Thankyou.

Hi Siddharth,

We all want a good future and your worry is genuine but I’d like to give some pointers -

a. Don’t be stuck up just with MS, understand the market and see if other Masters degrees would suit your goal or landing a job in the US.

b. If you are discouraged by fees, try getting close to 1400+ in GRE and then apply to state universities (something like our govt. universities - DU, Mumbai Univ. etc). The value for money is really good in Texas A&M, Stonybrook, UT-Dallas and so on.

c. It’s good you have 3 years - so here’s what you should do - TOEFL (get a Band 6.5 minimum), GRE (1400+), GMAT (700+) and definitely build a profile. Admissions to US universities depend a lot on your profile also so be involved in NGOs, start/attend clubs and your CV should reflect a well rounded individual and not just a student who can deal only with books.

d. Total cost of education - That’s a negative way of looking at it. It is an investment. I’m not sure of exact break-up but in Stonybook an MS (Comp. Sci.) comes to a total of USD 80,000 inclusive of everything. So that’s round figure of 40 Lacs. Now take the average placements - in the range of 70-80k USD per annum. Assuming you save only 1/3 of your salary a year - you can pay off the investment in 3 years and from there on its profit. Education will always bring benefits.

So attend seminars, talk to counsellors and be brave. All the Best :slight_smile: