Can I process both L1B extension and H1B together

	I am working with an MNC for past 7 years. 


	My L1-B visa got expired on July 12 and I had applied for extension and which got into RFE.

	I also applied for H1-B visa which went to RFE too..

	My employer is yet to reply for both RFE's..


	And also would like to know if I can proceed with both and choose one.. As I am mainly interested in H1 , can I ask my employer to reply for L1 RFE too so as to buy time as I would want to stay here till the H1 petition gets approved ..


	Now as my visa is expired, please tell me the options I have .. I prefer staying in US than returing to India although for a short time..

Did you ask similar question in the main forum? If yes, then see my reply there as I replied to a similar question on the blog.