Can I pay to H1b Sponsor to petition for me?

I am a Java developer from Chennai with 5.5+ years experience looking for H1B sponsor FY 2016. I came across one sponsor name The cloud fountain Inc and I spoke to the concerned person. He told me that I have to spend money for filing H1 petition as they cannot spend money for every candidate.

I am not really having good feeling about it however I am facing lot of difficulties to find H1B sponsor. 98% companies post jobs with clause “Unable to sponsor H1B” or “No H1B sponsorship available”. Only few are sponsoring and I have not got replies from them. My project does not have onsite oppurtunity so that option is ruled out

Can I go ahead with this proposal? How can I verify if the company is genuine and they would petition for me even if I am ready spend for my filing? The company says it is “E-verified”. Since visa fees has been increased I have to spend more than 5000 $. I will have to take loan for it do that.

The web address is “

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Don’t give even a single penny for H1-B filing to any company. It is against immigration laws and your petition or VISA will surely be denied if you pay any company for making them sponsor your VISA. Please read through following post wherein one such person has shared his experience: