Can I pause the use of H1B? - Not use for One year?

I have a valid and stamped H1B visa (Oct 2019 through Oct 2022), I need to stay in my country for personal reasons for at least 1 more year, and start working in the US for example on Oct 2020.

  1. What options do I have?
    2.Can my current sponsor wait for me anytime they want?
    3.Do I have to let USCIS know about this to avoid loosing H1B validity?


There is nothing called Pausing H1B. Your time of H1B Usage will be counted only for the time you spent in US. Your current employer can file an extension when you come to US after a year and extend it as needed.
You do not have to inform anyone.
Yes, they can wait, if they want to…it is up to them. Speak to them and then make an arrangement.

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